Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10.01.12 Tuesday


✏ English
☐ Highlight the following in the PDF of The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant:
     - Introduction
     - Rising action (including the conflict)
     - Climax
     - Resolution

✏ Chinese
☐ Worksheet that teacher gave.
☐ Read the first story of the textbook and find the 5W & 1H, circle them.

✏ Science

✏ History
 Finish page 3 of the document and put in the submit folder
☐ Think about if dropping the second atomic bomb was necessary, and if Truman's decision could be justified, because there were already a lot of deaths and birth deformations and cancer.

✏ Geography
 Read the document and do activity 01.

✑ Announcements
✘ Bring camera tomorrow for Geography.

Anything wrong or missing, comment below ☟.


  1. For the chinese ws, we must do all right?

  2. bring a camera tmr for geography.

  3. Bryan, yes.
    Ok thanks Desiree I'll update it.