Wednesday, 11 January 2012

11.01.12 Wednesday


✏ Science
☐ GPP.
☐ 1. Make a list of equipment you need.
     2. Detailed and accurate steps.
     3. Roles of each student.

✏ Chinese
☐ Submit the compo if you haven't done so, or if you had submitted with the wrong file name format.
☐ Read page 5 of the textbook.
☐ Submit the chinese worksheet (about giving up seats) by tomorrow morning.
☐ Comment on the google form on the blog.

✏ Maths
☐ Do the worksheet Algebraic Fractional Manipulation Worksheet 2.
☐ Linoit.
☐ Comment on the posts on the Math blog.
☐ Mind map.

✏ English
☐ Read part 3 of the hitchhiker and answer the questions.

✏ Geography
☐ Narrate the video you've taken and add subtitles.

Any thing wrong or missing please comment below. ☟


  1. Have to comment on the chinese blog also

  2. ok thanks Esther and Bryan. Sorry Jasmine.