Tuesday, 17 January 2012

17.01.12 Tuesday


✏ Maths
☐ Tier B of worksheet 3.

✏ Science
☐ Send Ms Ng the GPP by today.
☐ If Ms Ng accepts, print it out in one sided way and stick it to your logbook.

✏ English
☐ Finish the 2 character development documents.

✏ Geography
☐ Finish up activity 4 and if you haven't, the rest of the activities on the ejournal.

✑ Announcements
✘ These people, please pass up your AUP and acknowledgement form by tomorrow:
    Teri, Abiyyu, Bryan, Joel, Daniel, Gavin, Yoshiki, Yong Jie, Kenneth, Matthew & Boon Pin.
✘ Comment on the post by Teri that she posted yesterday. Due by 9pm today. Or we will get punished even if one person does not comment. Please comment now and remind your friends. Thanks.

Any mistakes or errors, please comment below. ☟


  1. Erm where is the post that Teri made?

    1. Scroll down, below Adil's post