Tuesday, 31 January 2012

31.01.12 Tuesday

Hai. (´・ω・`)

✏ Maths
- Cartesian Coordinates worksheet Tier A and B

- Start on your experiments

✏ English
- Do the topic you are assigned to with your partner/ group

- Film finish the video and finish the storyboard
- Get the sketchbook if you haven't

✏ History
- Get a black plastic file

✏ Geography
- Read and do documents 02 and 03

⚠ From today onwards I shall not post the "any mistakes or missing info thing" since you all already know and it's kind of irritating, so.... ✌ When there are any lesson notes/ info you may want to take note of, I will put it under a "Read More" section. ☺ (I'm so nice hahahaha)

Click Read More below for the ISS/ IRS timeline ☟

Week 5/6
- Experimentation
➠ Results
➠ Difficulties faced
➠ Change in methodology? Why?

Week 7
- Experimentation
- 1st submission of Individual report

Week 8
- 1st submission of Group report
- 2nd submission of Individual report

Week 9
- 2nd submission of group reprt

Week 10
- Final submission of individual or group report


  1. Can someone tell me how to do the Maths Tier B Question (b)?

  2. Nice one Claire. The read more thing.

  3. How do we do it without a graph paper?