Friday, 13 January 2012

Homework for Friday!

Hi guys, I know some of you must be putting off the weekend homework till Sunday right? Heh, I know. Okay, so here's today's homework as well as a couple of reminders.

Chinese---> refer to Chinese blog if anything crops up. Do the first part of the workbook and remember to read your book for the test. Study hard okay? :D
(note: Remember to e-mail the teacher regarding what you have learnt this week and give feedback. Her email is in case you have forgotten. Credits to Boon Pin for reminding)

Math---> Do worksheet 2/3/4 and hand up to Mr Johari. Buy the orange file and get TInspire installed if you haven't already.

Science---> Do your proposal and improve your hypothesis, and do whatever Ms Ng asked you to.

English 2---> film the English diagnostic test with your partner and upload it. If you haven't then record yourself and submit it to Ms Ng, remember: NO RETAKES.

If there's anything else, comment below and let me know or just... post it somewhere.
Wish you guys a happy weekend!


  1. Chinese must email teach on what you've learned
    But deadline IDK when

  2. Reminder:maths-mindmap by tues right?

    1. Monday. Mr Johari commented on the class blog

    2. Yap Boon Pin1/14/2012 3:06 pm

      Really? I don't see any comments. What's the mindmap about?

    3. The mindmap is about the topics assigned by the index number.

    4. Isn't it the Lino It only?

    5. But Mr.Johari told me it's 20Jan hand in

    6. @Boon Pin.
      Sorry, my bad, its for everything.
      That's the problem, 20th January is not a Monday, its a Friday.

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  3. The assignment can be found here.