Monday, 9 January 2012

09.01.12 Monday

Homework for today.

✏ CE
 Please bring decorative materials next week as stated on Mdm Azizah's previous post.

✏ English 2 (Language and Communication skills)
☐ Record yourself advertising your product, ask your 8 o clock partner to record for you and you have to record for him/ her. Take it in one shot, do not re-record it. It is a diagnostic test (sort of).

✏ I&E
☐ Email Mr Tan and tell him your class. Accept Mr Tan's invite to join the I&E blog, then one person of each group post your statement about I&E.

✏ Science
☐ Finish GPP/ improve on it.

✑ Announcements
✘ Remember to submit your chinese compo to the submit folder before lesson tomorrow.

Have fun doing your homework.
Anything missing or wrong comment ☟.

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