Saturday, 25 February 2012

Class Update - 25 February 2012

Hi people :D
Hellooooooooooo. (*゚▽゚)/゚・:* (that's kind of an emoticon with me waving or something haha nevermind).

Okay, firstly, to those who went to the class outing today, hope that you all had fun! :) Sorry if the outing wasn't really up to standard or something.... :x We'll try to improve in our planning, all right. :) We might be planning an outing after the Term 2 Week 3 level tests, so might you have any ideas or suggestions give it to the exco. :D Hehe! We'll try to make it much better and stuffs~

Mmm Jasmine and I have been thinking of making a class tee, so we have to create a proposal and get approval from the ~royal educators~ ... If you want you may create a design for the shirt (draw it our or do it on photoshop or something) and send it to us (i.e. the exco) and we'll choose the best design :) Unless you all really not enthu in getting a class tee then we'll just design it ourselves whether you like it or not... ;_______; or just not get a class tee at all .__. Okok so just hand in your designs by Term 3 Week 1 okay. I shall remind you all every month or something heh :B

Because our wonderful form teacher has already paid for the drinks + snacks that we had for the class outing, we have decided to take the $5 from each of us who paid and put it into the class fund. BUT to those who haven't paid, whether you did go or did not, please bring $5 tomorrow (Monday) so that it will be fair to everyone and we can use the class fund for everyone next time when we need it. Please pass the money to me anytime in class. :) Thanks.

That is all. Goodbye. o(*⌒―⌒*)o

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