Friday, 10 February 2012

Homework- 10th February

Hi, It's me Teri again! Bringing to you live the homework for today!:P
English: Do the critical journalism report using Paul's Wheel of Analysis on the "Quirky Asia: Emperor of Indonesia" Article.
S&W: Bear in mind what Mr Jerome Tan has told you about the S&W grading for this year. Best of luck to the 3 teams!

Math: Do Worksheet 4 on the graphs. Reminder from Mr Johari to bring graph paper, pencils and calculator for Wednesday's test.
Chinese: Take a photobooth recording of yourself reading an article from this week's issue of zbComma. It's the one about the young teachers.
I have no idea what the homework for Malay is, but if you want me too add it in, just comment below. 

Comment and ask below.
Who's looking forward to the class outing? I know I am! Remember the sunshine after the storm. GOOD LUCK AND STUDY HARD FOR YOUR LEVEL TESTS!


  1. Yap Boon Pin2/10/2012 7:59 pm

    Ehhh just saying, can you post the same format as Claire? What ever you want to say put below. Because I have to read everything including your extra opinions to get what's the homework.

    Point form is also clearer, you can straight away see how much homework we have, but yours is like little homework, long post.

    This might be your style of posting but this is a way that you can do better. =)

  2. Chinese: read what: Basic, Exceed, Beyond? or we have to come up with our own words to say out?