Monday, 6 February 2012

Homework- 6th February

Hey 09'ers! 
My first official homework post of the year hahaha. Apologies if my posts don't happen to be as colourful as dear Secretary Claire's posts but I hope it's enough!

Character Education: If you haven't done the "My Life Story" timeline yet, pass it up to Mdm Azizah tomorrow during assembly.  Please be reminded to assemble tomorrow at the Atrium for the half-mast ceremony. R.I.P Dr Toh. 

Also within this week, your friendly exco will be coming around to ask you about what YOU want for the class outings. Please be realistic! We have a date set for Saturday after Common Tests (18th February), clear a date for then and we hope to see you! 

Oral Communication: I don't think there's much homework for this but to summarize, we learnt about Bad Conversationalists and will be learning Paul's Wheel of Reasoning next week.

Innovation and Enterprise: Start working on the project due in March. Form your group and start on the problem-solving. Do send in your group member names to Daniel, our I&E rep. You have to come up with a problem as well as a solution to solve it. Prototype needs to be ready by March. 

ISS/IRS: Hope you guys have been doing this, do your group as well as individual reports for IRS, you have to send it to Ms Ng to get her to check if you want the higher grades, Do your changes and write as necessary 

Any thing I left out or got wrong, you know the drill. Comment down there and I'll edit it.

Note: Week 7 tests are coming up soon! Study Study hard! On a side note, It's Total Defence Week! 


  1. WS 1-6 for Math, if you havent submitted/done/gotten the worksheet please do something about it.

  2. Oh and is there a template or something forr the group proposal

  3. Sorry, but does anyone know the link to the individual template?

    1. Joel the individual template is jus as the group written proposal jus hav to follow the same document which i oso hav send u pls chck ur email

  4. Thanks Teri, but didn't you had your first post before?

  5. For everyone's information - Mr Tan Hoe Teck has sent us the pages version of the Written Report via SST email. Please check it. Thanks. :)