Monday, 5 March 2012

Things to take note of

Hai :)

Okay I have to inform you all about the schedule on this Thursday, 8 March. Read carefully.

  • Reach school by 7.40am (normal time) and assemble in class, do not go to the hall.
  • Then, we will have a short class clean-up. Also, for our class, we would be finishing up what we did today in CE period.
  • After that, 2 lessons as per usual.
  • From 9.45 - 10.40, break. However, please try to head towards the hall by 10.35 so we can reach by 10.40.
  • Assemble in the hall by 10.40, line up and get ready for the celebrations.
  • Expected dismissal time is by 12.00pm.

There is no school on Friday.

Then, for the next two weeks (12 - 23 March), it would be the March holidays and eLearning week. We have already been briefed. There is no need to come to school for those two weeks.


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