Friday, 11 May 2012

Announcement - 14th May & 18th May

Dear S209,

14th May - Inaugural Student Leaders Investiture
  • Student leaders will be invested during this ceremony. Congratulations to our classmates who are involved.
  • Invited parents would be joining us.
  • All students are to put their bags in the locker and bring a reading book to the Multi-purpose Hall by 7.30 a.m. I will be with the class throughout the ceremony.
  • CE lesson would be conducted immediately after the ceremony. It would be a closure for Term 2.
  • Normal lessons would resume after CE period.

18th May, 9 a.m. - Health Check (message from Ms Suguna, student executive)
  • Requirements: Students to be dressed in their PE Attire.
  • Room Location: Block C, #05-01.
  • Instructions for the day:
    • Class Chairperson/Vice-chairperson to organise peers and lead them to the designated room on time for the Health Checks in PE attire.
    • Chairperson/Vice-chairperson is to inform the Nurse-in-charge of (i) absentees and (ii) students who are not dressed in PE attire for the checks.
  • Absentees: Students who have missed their scheduled checks will be requested to visit the SHS team in the later part of the week.
  • Health Booklets:
    • Students who currently have foreign residency status are required to bring their Health Certificates/Booklets for the Checks.
    • Students who are currently either Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents DO NOT have to bring their Health Booklets.
  • Subject Teachers: Please invite your Subject teachers to accompany the class to the room. He/She will have to ensure punctuality and good conduct while awaiting the checks.

Thank you.
Mdm Azizah.Ahmad

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