Monday, 9 July 2012

Announcement - 9th July 2012

Dear S209,

This is the follow-up from CE lesson today.

1. Attire & Grooming
To the students who are identified, please ensure that you improve on your grooming. There will be another check on Wednesday, 11th July.

2. Level Test & End of Year Exam
There will be Level Test 3 on Term 3 Week 5 & Level Test 4 on Term 4 Week 9. EOY will be on Term 4 Week 5. Please start early for revision.

3. Communication to Students.
Do check SST Student Blog & your SST email regularly. Many announcements will be put there.

4. Communication to Parents
Please inform your parents to check on Parents Blog for regular updates. Monthly newsletter is only put up there.

5. Break Time
Do use the staircase nearest to the restroom to reduce noise level. Use this time to interact physically and put away your Learning Device. Have your food & drinks in the canteen.

Thank you.
Mdm Azizah.Ahmad

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